January 2018

My Twenty-Four Hours Trading Bitcoin

This article first appeared in the Sunday Herald Sun Should you buy Bitcoin? Yes, definitely. If everyone keeps buying, that raises the price for people who already own some, like me, and it’s your money so I don’t care if you lose it. This week, while watching the price ricochet around like a cocaine addicted Read More

Camping is a conspiracy to prepare us for the end of days

This article first appeared in the Sunday Herald Sun As the next holiday season approaches, if one more person tells me how much I’m missing out by not going camping, I don’t know what I’ll do. Probably nothing, since I avoid confrontation like models avoid carbs, and the Australian men’s soccer, rugby union, basketball and Read More

NYE resolutions don’t work so try this instead

This article first appeared in the Herald Sun NYE resolutions are a stellar idea, in theory. The problem is, meaningful change is among the most difficult feats any human can perform, harder than merging onto the Monash between 4pm and 6pm, and remaining comfortable in leather pants if it’s over 30 degrees. Every NYE I Read More