June 2013

What is Australian Culture?

If Australia does have a culture, what is it? Is it even possible to point at any one something and say, ‘That’s what it means to be Australian.’ I think there are aspects of our culture that are distinctly Australian, but not by themselves. It’s only by putting them alongside other traits that can we Read More

Does Australia Have Any Culture?

Does Australia have any culture? No. That’s the opinion of many overseas, and right here in Australia. Most recently, retired English cricketer David Gower said in response to a question about the upcoming Ashes series being a clash of cultures: “I’m tempted to say, how can you have a clash of cultures when you’re playing Read More

Hey Apple! Where’s my waterproof iPhone?

I’m so over the Apple Store. All the staff in that same shirt with hipster flourishes like over-styled hair, subtle tattoos and designer glasses. They’re like a really smug cult. If those salespeople weren’t at the Apple Store, they’d be selling Foxtel subscriptions or sponsor kids or raffle tickets. Then the ‘geniuses’ up the back. Read More

Reality TV is as fictional as True Blood, but nowhere near as good

We’re told Reality TV is reality, but it’s as scripted and manufactured as any episode of True Blood or Dexter or Mad Men. Except nowhere near as good. Those shows have vampires, serial killers and far better looking people. Watch them instead. You don’t believe me? You think that because it’s reality, it’s unpredictable and Read More